23 March 2011

Interior design drawing conventions

There are lots. This is a plan of a Victorian ground floor flat, drawn on a scale 1:50. You cut through a building at waist height. Load bearing walls are normally thicker than separation walls. Arrows always point north. Doors are always drawn in open position. Windows have frames and panes drawn in, but unlike doors, they are always closed. Don't ask me why. 

Staircases are riddled with conventions: the first six steps are lines, after that treads become dotted. Arrows always point upwards, never downwards. Once you can stand under stairs, they disappear in a broken diagonal line. The treads of a standard staircase are 180mm heigh and 250mm deep. Check the Architect's Pocket book architecturalpress.com which also gives you dimensions of most furniture items, including baby grand pianos. 

At Chelsea (chelsea.arts.ac.uk) interior design is taught in an old-fashioned way. Most designers would work with CAD programmes, but we spent a day 'rendering' our design in pencil (mine is done with Caran d'Aches,  Carandache.ch - great pencils!) 

Lots of conventions here as well: the colour scheme has to be close to the one you agreed with your client. So this involves several layers for each colour to get the right hue. In my case I opted to 'render' the walls in the colour of the main sitting room (English Heritage Tracery II Green) even though in real life the walls would be dark red probably. The green is meant to go on Victorian panelling. The floor in the main sitting room is walnut, while the rest of the house has lighter oak. Other conventions? Dotted lines indicate things that are important to the design but are happening above waist height; darker rendering around furniture to indicate height and shadows. 

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  1. Hi Rutger
    Finally got around to looking up your website - I really love it and the Amsterdam apartment ideas look really good - I think your approach to the space is exactly right - great model - how about some perspectives !
    Debbie - chelsea


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