10 May 2011

End-of-the-day sunlight

The days are getting longer and all of a sudden I discovered that the sun is shining from a different angle through my windows. Just a few minutes yesterday, the light hit my Victorian clock. (At 50 pounds at auction probably one of the best buys I have ever made.) 

Displays like this one are easy to create: Make sure the colour scheme of the items works, be ruthless (not everything needs to be on display), and something has to be the centre point of attention from which the eyes can wander. In this traditional display it is the clock. The golden frame of the painting reflects the sun. (The painting is by Janus la Cour, he is also at the Hirschsprung in Copenhagen.
The candlesticks in red copper go with the picture frame. The box is from Istanbul, and the photo printed on aluminium featured in an earlier blog, see March.

My sitting room is quite small, and I initially struggled with the position of the chest of drawers: it looked too big opposite the sitting area. It blocked the view instead of guiding the eyes. By shifting it to a side wall, it worked. It provides a vocal point when entering the room. Putting furniture together in a room is like smaller displays: the same rules (and tricks) apply. I have shifted a lot of furniture around. You can do it without planning or you can draw first. Happy shifting and pushing :o)

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