7 June 2011

Amsterdam here we come!

A great 1930s Amsterdam flat. The owner put in a new dark wooden floor, a Bulthaup kitchen, and painted the walls white with a hint of grey-blue.

So far so good.

But she ran out of steam. And sat down on her great Flexform sofa.

And so the rest of the finishings look like an accident: a red baroque sofa, a contemporary red cabinet, an antique cupboard and a lot of unrelated stuff.  

By her own admission, the client  is not very tidy either (in case you are wondering - I have permission to write about this project :o).
The sitting room is 11 metres long and has two spaces leading off it: at the back the new kitchen, at the front the Ikea Billy paradise.

The brief: provide client with a Minotti-style, soothing, clean and contemporary environment, with an understated colour scheme. (Though not with a Minotti price tag.)

Oh, and storage space, please...

My proposal: work the space in such a way that the side-rooms become part of the bigger space. Also, split up the tunnel-like sitting room by adding a storage space in the middle of it. It will be open from the back, so the client can always easily store keys, newspapers, mail and other stuff out of sight.

The panelling will be in zebrano veneered wood. 

The dining table will be placed off-centre, towards the kitchen. 
The colour-scheme: The flexform sofa and huge footstool are white. I propose a large dark grey rug (same colour as the Bulthaup kitchen). The red sofa will be sold off and in its place the client will get a few mixed- style and vintage lounge chairs in dark-grey / black.

The only colour will be mustard-gold curtains. All three will hang asymmetrically on one side of the three windows, like coloured panels.

Lighting will add a touch of the early eighties, with chrome ball lights attached to the panelling. 
Bookcases will be built in. All other stuff will be stored in a new wardrobe in the guest room.

Did you wonder about the  scale model? It is 1:50 in foam board and takes a while to construct, but helped me work out size and placement of panelling. And client loved it!  
Stay tuned - the project is going to take shape the coming months.

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  1. At last! You're back. Really interesting stuff. Looking forward to following the progress you make.
    Your fan in CPH.


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