27 July 2011

Mr Chair and Mrs Plate

This project was an exercise in recycling. Click here, rutgerhopster.com, or scroll down if you want to see the before. 

This was Nixon in China, remember? Not anymore. Surplus brown furniture went in storage, and dark lampshades were banned. The dining table was moved to the front and the large reception room at the back now has a television area and a more formal seating area.

Sharp intakes of breath as the blue square was painted off centre on the wall (or was it because I was holding the brush?). It spills over on to the fireplace. Scroll down to see the effect. The kids judged it cool.
Art and furniture are now a great mix of old and new. The pillar next to the fireplace is a column of the old, more baroque, fireplace in the room. It was recycled from storage back on display.

The new rug defines the space. It was an absolute find: it brings together the colours of the sofas and chairs and the pattern softens the angular furniture already there. I highly recommend the shop kroon-wonen.com, in Hilversum, near Amsterdam.
I had to find a balance between the desire for more space (him) and more stuff (her). The solution was to keep the central spaces open but dress the place with a selection of interesting items. 

Everybody happy? Oh la la... There were protestations as items were combined, banned or dragged up from the basement. She still unhappy about the dining chairs, he unhappy about plates floating on the blue wall... But overall, me thinks, the dust can settle in a way more stylish place.
Scroll down and you'll see the massive bookcase that was banned from the room. Part of the books found shelter in the existing built in bookcases and give the place a homey feel. 

The old Dutch Hindeloopen chair does the same thing (check wikipedia.org to start you off on a journey why this type of furniture arouses strong feelings among the Dutch).
The front dining room, now with a collection of small painting and mementos.
No comment. The large reception room. As was. Note the plates teetering on the dado rail.
Ditto. The front room. As was.
Elephants and a rhino, going for a stroll in the stylish new dining room.

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  1. Great stuff! Love the blue wall off center! Glad to see that you're still making an attempt to keep the blog alive... ;-)

    Your fan
    Annette :-)


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