8 August 2011

August - the spade brigade

One train stop beyond Wimbledon stands this terraced Victorian house. It is a two-up two-down. Though originally, I think it was a three-up, two down: with no bathroom, and a loo in the outhouse.

This drawing shows the downstairs. Kitchen and dining room were knocked into one years ago. 

This is the back of the house.  A similar extension to the one on the left will be added, giving the client almost 40% more space downstairs.

Next week spades will start uprooting the green garden (plants are being brought into safety as we speak...). 

The plans took around four months to prepare and involved analysing habits, space requirements, CCTV of the drains, many drawings of the kitchen, ebay, soil analysis, structural engineers poking at walls, selecting a builder, submitting plans to the Council and - hurray - a little bit of shopping as well. Client went to work happily as I acted as designer / project manager. I think she loved it!
Here are two pictures of what it looks like now.

With the builders in, we will redo the front room, change the lay-out and install a new kitchen. 

The client likes bright reds and oranges. Orange is an easy colour and can be combined with earthy tones. Red can be trickier. I think it only works with dark and complementary colours like yellows, browns and gold (unless you want a primary colours look). Too heavy (bright) for what we are trying to achieve here.
The concept for the new place was agreed early on: cosy, but with a hint of an industrial workshop: there will be an exposed brick wall, exposed ceiling rafters in the extension and big windows at the back. Client will also have a built in bench, with storage underneath and sockets to plug and play: music, checking emails or simply read a magazine.

Guess which colour we will use: orange :o). The front room will have an incredibly textured rug and a comfy modern sofa. Clear horizontal and vertical lines will make the space flow, but will ensure a division between the different functional areas. 

And this is what should be ready by mid-November. In the middle section the kitchen is on the right with a large worktop / breakfast bar in the middle and storage space and a bench on the left. It should make the space feel comfortable and airy at the same time. Client will also have a small seating area by the back windows to watch her plants grow once the spades have gone.

Stay tuned for more: I built models (yes - I did it again) and will show you sample boards later on.

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