15 September 2011

And now about my own flat

Not so long ago I bought a set of 6 Victorian chairs and a (non- Victorian) table from my brother in Amsterdam. 

Rented a van and took them down to Brussels to my flat there. Am happy with my new purchase. The yellow upholstery seems to go well with the walls. 

The wrapped day-bed has just returned from storage. I am undecided what to do with it. A bit too precious to put in a rental furnished flat... 

Arty photo. But shows the shape of the chair really well.  

Last weekend I covered the chairs as well. Works have started on the flat to sort out the damp problem on both the front and the back facade.

This is the yellow room from the first photo. Can I have your votes please on the colour I should paint the walls once the works are finished?

It is a north facing room, not very light. So we need something jolly.
Outside we are constructing a new terrace, after the damp problems have been dealt with.

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