28 September 2011

London Design week

Cloudy skies and rain. Time for London Design week. I went to the two main fairs: www.100%design.co.uk and  www.decorex.com.

Always interesting to realise there are many worlds out there we know nothing about. This is the parallel universe of traders, designers, small and big furniture makers, tile and light fitting producers, etc, etc.

So what is new? That's what you all want to know I am sure... 

Well, straightforward but also arty, artistic and crafty wallpaper is back (see bottom photo). They look as if they have been block stamped and some probably are. And new materials, they keep on coming: think reconstituted marble, ceramic ultra thin tiles, metal cladding and composites.

But woohoo, there was a lot of chintzy, opulent, over-the-top and frankly, rather boring stuff as well. All in very discreet hues. Lots of the stands looked like stage sets for Dynasty (yes, that reveals my year of construction - I know).

Rug-purists look away. I had never seen this before: a company (www.golran.com) bleaching and then dying old and used rugs in shades of one colour. They explained to me that the dye does not stick to the underlay, so the effect is quite rustic.  

Now here was a company I loved www.pinchdesign.com. Exceptionally, not a photo I took myself, but one from their site. Beautifully subdued and lots of panelling. 

Another one I liked was www.youngandnorgate.com. They had already made it to Monocle magazine with their  skateboards from recycled tables and cabinets.

And here is a sample of the wallpaper we will all have on our walls next year...

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  1. It was great to see you at Decorex, Rutger! Personally, I LOVE overdyed vintage rugs- the patchwork rug trend is one of my favourite in recent years. I thought the Golran stall was stunning- such vibrant colours!


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