10 September 2011

Wimbledon update

Everbody back from holidays? In my next blog I'll show you an interesting selection of Patmian doors (as in from Patmos, a beautiful and quiet Greek island) where I was for a week.

But first business. You'll recognise this photo from my previous blog? The project in Raynes Park. Whilst I was away the back facade was knocked out of the house.

Here we are, day one of the works. 

Day 15 of the works. Outhouse and the back are out; the foundations are in for a 3-metre extension at the back, soil pipes and manholes have been moved. 

Kitchen one day before works.
No more kitchen after three days. The boiler is a temporary one, so the lady of the house can  shower upstairs. 
Day 10. New door opening has been created. With a temporary door. Note the locks on the inside. The owner can lock herself in at night, as there is no back facade.

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