15 November 2011

And the roof is on

Some of you have been asking me about progress in Wimbledon (see blogs of 8th August and 10th September). Here are some pictures.
This project is about an extension, almost doubling the living space downstairs. Here the steel frame is in (23rd September) and the foundations have been laid. 

Walls of the extension are going up (12th October).

Roof is on (3rd November) and the skylight has been put in.
New boiler, heating pipes and first fix of electricity done. Steel frame has been clad (14th November).
The ceiling joists are not going to be boarded up. (This required some thinking of Building Control as the insulation had to be put on top of the joists instead of in between. In the end they agreed.)  We have added traditional tongue and groove cladding on the inside; all to be painted in a pale grey. The wall will retain the traditional brickwork. 
The opening to the front room was made yesterday. The place starts to shape up. Instead of it being ready on 18th November, it will be ready a month later, jus before Christmas.

The next few weeks will see window frame, flooring, kitchen, lighting and built in cupboards put in. 

Stay tuned for updates!

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