2 November 2011

Hot desking

A cupboard and wardrobe design for a small flat in Brussels. Part of a bigger refurbishment involving changing the lay-out, a new bathroom, new flooring and new heating. Oh, and a new home for the goldfish as well. Most things are agreed except the colour scheme I proposed, which was voted down.

This is a multi-purpose cupboard, hiding boiler, electricity switch board, hoover and desk area from where in future clients will operate their Bollywood goes Beyonce wrap-around sound.

Only half of the front will be covered by sliding doors. This allows for more efficient use of space (no bulky rails) and it balances display with the need for storage. Only the moving parts will be in wood. The rest of each cupboard will be in off-white MDF.

This is an L-shaped wardrobe, with access on three sides and from two levels.

The letters indicate the position of section drawings (either horizontally or vertically). The next drawing shows three more.

The colours look a bit challenging, they are actually water-colour marker pens, but in reduced photo size they look garish. 

Oh, and the small house on its side in the right hand bottom corner, is not representative of my shabby work, but is the back of my business card (on its side) to hide name and address of client.  

Three more sections of the wardrobe. In dotted line the staircase behind the cupboard. 

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