22 November 2011

My flat

Here are some pictures of my flat in London. It is a Georgian house with a Swedish delicatessen downstairs and beautiful but shabby staircase serving just two flats. 
The front door to my flat is small. My two sofas didn't make it through. A common enough problem in London. And the windows are even smaller, so that wasn't an option either. 

The sitting room is now a motley collection of chairs and cushions. Not a big problem for me: I tend to sit on the floor anyway - but not all visitors appreciate this way of being received.  
A look through to the bedroom. The flat is on a top floor. Pitched roof on four sides. On the upside: windows to four sides as well. And if you stick your head out of the kitchen window, you can see the Gherkin. 

Do you remember my blog on my print collection of places I lived? Here are two. Most paintings are too big to hang on the sloping walls.
And this is the kitchen. The place I  work and cook. 

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  1. Your flat in London is gorgeous! I love it!

    I'm excited to find out how the Wimbledon project will turn out.



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