14 November 2011

Pimp my Ikea

Here is my attempt at customising an Ikea cupboard. It  is not as creative as some of the transformations you can see on ikeahackers.net, but it does the trick neatly and makes the cupboard look like made-to-measure.

Just to remind you what the original plan was for this client: a foamboard model (see blogs of 14th July and 7th June) started off the process. In the study, shelves covering one wall. Ikea (ikea.com) Lack shelves fitted exactly: 1900 mm for a space of around 1950 mm wide.
But then the two Ikea CD storage cabinets (Besta Burs) were only 1800 mm wide. 10 cm short...
So I bought an extra Besta Burs door and cut it to pieces. One tip when you want to do the same: leave the pale blue protective film on until you are finished. The shiny surface scratches very easily!
And hey presto! Fixed to the inside of the CD cupboard, it looks as if it was meant to be there.

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