25 November 2011

Sample boards

The house in Wimbledon is coming together! Very exciting to see how kitchen, flooring, tiles, colours, sofas and lighting, selected a long time ago, now start interacting with the building.

So it is time to show the sample boards I presented to the client in July.
Sample boards are based on the mood board and show the actual items that will be purchased for a project. Putting them together on a board is a check on whether items are consistent and work as a whole, within the concept agreed earlier on.

On these boards I combine items the client will keep (like paintings) with new ones and on each one I have added a few photos of the scale model I made of the house (check out the top left hand corner each time). 
The extension will have exposed beams and one skylight. The model helped me work out where to place it, thus ensuring direct sunlight on to the kitchen worktop (depending on the position of the sun).

The kitchen is in the central, slightly darker, part of the house, and will be in high gloss white to help reflect light. It will be complemented with vertical wood veneered cupboards, and horizontally  placed slate splashback. The board includes a lighter and darker veneer. We went for a darker veneer (see bottom board) to go with the lighter floor.

This is not really a sample board. More of a work in progress. It shows the different stages of the design and a snapshot of the structural engineer plans. And a water colour impression of what the extension - seen from the kitchen - will look like.
The extension will have an exposed brick wall and exposed beams. The oak engineered flooring will be installed throughout the ground floor of the house.

Most of the walls will be white with two orange walls. All the light fittings (ceiling mounts, pendants, wall mounts, etc) will be in white.

The decomposed chairs will be for the extension. The have already been delivered, but still bubble wrapped up.

Completion date: week before Christmas...

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  1. Well done - and finished work looks amazing! Warm regards, Nienke


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