11 December 2011

Foam board model

Some of you may have noticed that I included photos of a foam model on the sample boards of the Wimbledon project (blog 25 November).

I made the model for two reasons: to work out how the sunlight would work the space and whether the kitchen had been positioned in the right way.

This first picture shows the sunlight through the bi-folds and through the skylight. The sun is meant to reach the kitchen worktop in summer (we shall only know whether it works next year...).

The other issue with the model was to check the flow of the space (one of my obsessions, I am starting to realise...). I included a built in bench in the kitchen where guest can sit and chat whilst the host cooks. The bench helps to visually tie the front to the back of the house. This photo is the view from there.

Bench and the cupboards are all in a wood veneer, made in Italy. I found a company (www.mundyveneer.com) that imports this type of veneer at one of the design fairs.

Note that the kitchen emphasises horizontal lines, the cupboards vertical lines.
View from the kitchen to the extension with exposed beams. On the left hand side is the kitchen, on the right hand side the bench, just about visible. 
I like this picture. Great way the sun works the structure.

The moment you take photos from above, a model becomes a doll's house. In the photos above I stuck the camera at eye height through openings to get as much as possible the real effect the space will have on you.

View from the back towards the front. Here you can see the bench again, behind another cupboard. Through the (new) opening you can see the lounge.
And a view with the ceiling off. The rectangle in the middle is the future coat rack. In my design I have gone for a repeat of the wood veneer in the front room. I had proposed to have the wood vertically as well (to the right of the fire place), but the client decided to not panel the whole wall in wood, only the cupboard which will have the television set. I had to accept :o(

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