24 December 2011

Pre-Christmas travels

The project in Wimbledon got delayed. The new window frame didn't arrive until last Friday, and nothing else could be finished until it was in. And when the window finally arrived, the joiner decided he couldn't deliver the built-in cupboards. Client now has to wait until January :o(.

And during all this drama, I was travelling the Benelux: it was my birthday, I had to meet new clients, finish off the works to my apartment in Brussels and say hello to parents and friends.

Here are some pictures of this week: view from bedroom at my parents house in Groningen, late afternoon 19 December, cold. 
And this is the morning of my birthday, 21 December 2011, Brussels, 9.30am, 4 degrees centigrade. A photo for posterity.
Evening same day. Friends hosting a great dinner. I made the flower arrangement.  It is sort of fifties (in keeping with my age?). My mother does better ones than me at the moment. I have to up my game.
Next day, 22 December. An atmospheric photo of the old kitchen in my apartment in Brussels. I think the army green works very well with this thirties block. Tap and washing machine in this utility room run on rainwater.
Same day, just before the tree pruners started their job. (Very exciting to watch by the way!) Note the new terrace that was put in a few months ago.
And the result of pruning. 
And then back in London on 23 December. Spot the presents: a modern edition of a tulip vase, a set of antique linen tea towels and a Delvaux wallet.

I went straight to Wimbledon. Perhaps the drama and tension of this week helped: the house is looking great and virtually ready. I my excitement I forgot to take pictures. So you'll have to wait until after the holidays!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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