7 December 2011

Room with a view

This picture is just to grab your attention... A family of five with many pots and pans and tupperware boxes and not a lot of storage space in their fifties kitchen. 
The kitchen on a sunny day. Fridge blocking view. Great tiles on the floor. Top cabinets made me think of caravans.

Clients wanted to knock through the wall with the lounge, brick up the door to the hallway to gain space and they wanted storage.

The kitchen shop had already proposed a similar lay out to the existing one: fridge blocking view to lounge, with work surface hidden behind it. And a large cupboard opposite the fridge.
I thought of something else: fridge and ovens on back wall, creating an open worktop on one wall. Door to hallway only partly bricked up: an internal window now provides light to the hallway and allows whomever is cooking to keep an eye on the very energetic children.

A shallow cupboard opposite the workspace: easy access to storage and kitchen. I have to come back to you on this project for two reasons: stone worktop is still to be installed: I have high hopes... a stone that looks slightly fifties; and I want to show pictures with the sun shining through the new kitchen.

The airbrushed ghost is one of the daughters proudly posing. 

The internal window.

I proposed a combination of wood for the cupboards which plays on the wooden details in the siting room, with eggshell coloured kitchen doors, in keeping with the yellow floor. Note in the picture above the very clever band of new tiles on the floor where the wall used to be. Not trying to be the same as the rest of the floor (I should add: selected by clients themselves).  
Was told off by client for not telling her that there would be dust with building works. Picture to prove it. Oops.

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