19 January 2012


As I am sorting out the photos of my next project and waiting for a sunny day to showcase the now completed Wimbledon project, here is an intermezzo: Dutch things in my house. A few recent additions. The clog and the boy and girl kissing (two boys kissing would have been better in my case) were a jokey present last year.

Clogs for daily use are not painted in the Netherlands. These are export models. This one came with a brush in it. 
I still have two pairs of clogs somewhere. Very comfortable to wear outside, though not on hard underground.

I am not sure how long I am going too keep this mock Delft blue pair. They are on my chimney. The base has already been chipped.
Another birthday present. A lamp in the shape of a tulip. Not sure that association was intended though. They are sold in Brussels by www.mgxbymaterialise.com. Other beautiful items they have include an artichoke lamp called Lilly. 

This red light makes an excellent bedside lamp. Throws amazing shadows on the walls. Not for reading though.
My new modern re-invention of the tulip pyramid vase. On its own it looks a bit sad (or is it the background?). I have to photograph it with flowers in it. Comes from a shop in Amsterdam. Ask me for details by mail. Don't have them to hand.

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