25 January 2012

New Bridge Street

Times change. 15 Years ago I would not have liked this type of glazed tile artwork of the early sixties. Now I think it stunning. Beautiful colours and great geometric abstract compositions. Sweeping statements of movement and purpose.
I think they have something to do with progress in science, research and the economy. This one looks like radio waves and electro-magnetic fields.
Would be great to develop rooms around these artworks. I should try my hand at a statement late fifties interior... 

These panels would also make a great backdrop for a bathroom. Rest of the room in grey-greens, white and a bit of black. 

The empty building is on New Bridge Street, the continuation of Farringdon Road. It is too close to the Occupy Movement at St Paul's Cathedral to be able to take pictures quietly. Guards (employed by the City?) told me off. They probably assumed I was doing a reconnoitre on behalf of the Movement.  

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