30 January 2012

New project in Brussels

A new project started last week in Brussels. A great open plan top floor flat in a quiet part of the centre.

The flat had been lived in for twelve years and needed an update. Not only that, clients decided on a new bathroom, new heating, new floors, better lighting and more storage space.

As it is an open plan space, I suggested switching the bathroom and sleeping area around. It should provide a more separate area to sleep. The bathroom will have two internal windows, letting in enough daylight even without an external wall. It will almost be a slate and glass box!

The heating will be built in the floor, freeing up wall space.
The existing fireplace and kitchen remain, but I designed four built in bookcases, wardrobes and cupboards, each one of them with dark walnut sliding panels to hide stuff you don't want to see, set in chalky grey cupboard structures.

Half of the fireplace wall is taken out to make way for one of these cupboards.

Always interesting to see how in one day builders can transform an empty space into a bombshell. Works started last week.
I spent a day on site. Good to discuss the technical details of works that are going to be done. And you have lots of wall space to write on.

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