21 February 2012

And meanwhile at college...

I am working on a restaurant project. This is my work-in-progress model for The Plain, a bar and eatery on the shores of the Thames, opposite MI6.

The footprint of the space is a triangle: with two short sides of 23 metres and the long side 30 metres. The internal height is 6 metres. The little man gives an idea of the space.  
The brief is to provide a restaurant style and food concept (seating between 70 and 100) and an interior and exterior that is consistent with the cuisine and the proposed market segment. Straightforwardly themed spaces are not allowed (think fish restaurant with fishing nets...) 

I went for a Northern European, upmarket, wholesome food experience, something like a posh picnic: Stylised tree trunks and communal tables (think forest), food served from old-fashioned hamper crockery.
I designed the space around two open squares, with windows placed strategically to bring in the real trees from outside, the water from the Thames, and the distant Georgian houses. One square houses the entrance and the bar, the other the communal tables.

The brief also requires us to make the space suitable for daytime and evening. I experimented with the effect of sunlight and artificial lighting.
The dark area (bottom left corner) will house lavatories, staff space and dumb waiters. Downstairs will be the kitchen.
The stylised tree trunks hide in part the structural roof supports. 
This was the starting point: understanding the space; quick models out of cardboard.

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