2 February 2012

Wimbledon once more

As the rubbish slowly, slowly disappears, I can take more and more pictures of the finished place.

The kitchen plays on horizontal and vertical lines: the cupboards and the slate; and then the  wooden cupboards and the vertical built-in blind grip. The cupboard houses nib, drains, extractor fan duct, fridge, freezer and boiler. It was quite a squeeze to get it all in.
Opposite the kitchen is another double cupboard in the same wood. Note that the pendant above the table still has to be bought. The brick wall is the original wall of the neighbour's extension.

The client kept the Ligne Roset table and chairs. 
This picture looks a bit dark: done on purpose to show the ceiling and the very simple skylight sitting between two beams. We went for a fixed window, which meant that there is practically no frame. It makes it look very light (and bright). 
Red painting on orange wall. I have now tried several times to convey the real colour orange, but my camera and daylight keep on playing tricks on me. I promise, it looks much more vibrant in real life, and it is just one wall... 

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