9 March 2012

Brussels progress

Grumpy smurf and his jolly friend are only here to grab your attention. Both are probably wrapped up in a box at the moment.

Here is an update of the Brussels project (see earlier blog of 30 January).
The new lay-out of this open plan living space is taking shape. The photo below shows how it was, with bathroom at the end and sleeping area behind bookcase.

In order to create a more separate bedroom area, we turned the two around. This photo shows new walls hiding bathroom and beyond that the sleeping area. To the right of the picture are kitchen and sitting area. I wanted to make the most of the 12 metre long wall with three windows to the left, so in the new design I have kept this completely open.
This is how the same space looked before. Note the bathroom at the far end with the washing machine.
In between stage, all walls are out, new floors being put in. We took the opportunity to insulate around the window frames. 
The new bathroom will be small but should offer an interesting and soothing bathing experience. Two internal windows will let in daylight and offer south and north facing views through windows in the outside walls. This photo shows one of the internal windows (view not so great yet, but that will change!)

The bathroom back wall will be in a rusty slate, the rest in simple white tiles.  
The floor in the apartment and bathroom will be in fine-line oak. All the sliding doors, including those hiding the washing machine from the bathroom, will be in quarter-cut walnut.

Updates on progress to follow soon. I want to show you the place with the new lighting and slate walls!

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