25 March 2012

Proposal for a restaurant

On 21 February I blogged about a scale model I made at school for a restaurant project. Here are some of the sample boards that go with the model: two perspectives (with large mural of an autumnal square), a site board (with sample dishes), a colour scheme board and a drawing of the ground floor.
The exercise was about designing a restaurant in a triangular building at Millbank. Interior, cuisine and target market segment had to be consistent.

I went for a Northern European cuisine with an outside-in-feel. The restaurant is designed around two open spaces (like squares), with stylised floor to ceiling tree trunks
Cushions on benches and tablecloths will be in a colour scheme of aubergine, ocher, purple grey and moss green. Food will be served on assorted (recycled) crockery: a bit like a posh picnic hamper. 
Ground floor design: communal tables and a large bar area.

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