12 April 2012

Brussels progress

The Brussels flat is not too big, 75 square metres. And there are windows on four sides, leaving few free walls inside. Those that were free, had big clunky radiators attached to them. They had to go. But what alternative heating system could be put in? We ended up with beautifully designed www.jaga.be micro radiators in the floor: designed to be retro-fitted in existing buildings, they are a combination of small hot water pipes set in metal casings with small fans on top to increase the circulation of hot air.

We are placing seven two-metre 'canals' in two long rows. Here you can see one run along one wall. We have mirrored the same opening in the ceiling. This will hide the blinds and allow for easy opening of the windows.
One of the internal windows of the bathroom is now in. The green wall will be clad in white tiles, the white wall will be clad in slate. See the picture below for the samples of the new floor (www.lalegno.be), the slate (www.beltrami.be), the walnut cupboard doors and the chalky white of the outside of cupboards, desks, and bookcases. Very exciting! 
The small piece of wall at the end of the sitting room will be in slate as well. Note in this picture the second six-metre radiator canal running the length of the wall.

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