25 April 2012

Phillips de Pury

Phillips de Pury is auctioning 200 lots on 26 April (www.phillipsdepury.com). Great design pieces from the forties to the eighties of the last century. Here are a few 40s-50s items. My camera was drawn to them, as I have been working on a sitting room refurbishment where I have inspired myself on this period. I  used a single-arm Serge Mouille wall light in the concept. A multi-arm was up for auction here. 

Paavo Tynell, 1946, pair of lamps, tubular brass and cane (not visible). Made in Finland.  Delicate, with original fabric shade. Cane and brass works great together.

I am a great believer in getting inspired by pieces like these and then trying to find something similar (without the price tag) at a flea market. Possible?
Pair of vases, pewter, 1933 by Silvia Stave. Made in Sweden. 
Table and chair by Jean Royere, 1934-39. The catalogue says 'Belgium (sic) marble' for the table top. Probably made in France, though not mentioned.

Wall light by Royere as well, post-war, 1955. Royere's pieces are big, even the wall lights and need hotel lobby-style surroundings. The catalogue says that the table comes from a private collection in Alexandria. Probably a sizeable property. 

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