29 May 2012

Brussels antiques

Brussels is great for antiques. Three huge warehouses are in walking distance from each other, all on the Rue Blaes and Rue Haute at the bottom of the Grand Sablon. Dealers rent space in these warehouses so there is a wide variety and the antiques go from rather serious stuff to excellent bric a bracs to give your house that lived in look.
The warehouses have not been a permanent fixture. They seem to come and go. The latest addition of the three is Via Antica, Rue Blaes 40, www.viaantica.be, and is an absolute treasure trove. For a few grant you can put a great living room together which would look like you got it all from your grandparents (neo-gothic side chairs) or from your parents (eighties sofas and lamps). 
The other two warehouses are near each other on Rue Haute, one on number 207,www.hauteantiques207.be (pronouncing it the french way will result in 'authentic') where I saw these two Eero Saarinen (not authentic?) coffee tables for €600. 

Always work on the basis that everything is 10-15% overpriced, so your offer should start at least 20% below asking price.

I am waiting for a client to ask me to go shopping with them... 

Via Antica

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