22 May 2012

Copenhagen ceilings

You will have to wait for more pictures on the Brussels flat. It is now almost complete, but the finishing touches are painfully slow (I now know - builders always underestimate this). Many small jobs require many different materials and working out the sequence becomes a bit of a logistical nightmare. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend in lovely Copenhagen and stayed with friends. Beautiful ceilings. This is one big large oval shaped garland swooping around the sitting room, on an otherwise plain ceiling.
I also noticed something else, as I lay in bed: the bedroom ceiling rose faced up. The spectator looks at the bottom of the flower, with the wire of the lamp acting as stem. Unusual, but effective. 

I checked the other roses in the house: here are three different ones. First a posy of pomegranates and leaves, facing down.
A stylised corner rose, facing down.
Third, a sunflower, probably also facing down, though the centre has been stylised.
And this is the one facing up. Interesting isn't it? Note, it is also the only one with a lamp hanging from it.
And another one of the beautiful, oval shaped garland. 

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