11 June 2012

High gloss floor

Epoxy high gloss floor finishings are cheap and can be very effective in making darker spaces look lighter, especially if the angle of light into a space is high. Epoxy started off as a concrete floor treatment in industrial spaces and warehouses and is now slowly being picked up for residential use.

Here is a great example in a shop in Copenhagen: early sixties style colour off-set by the warm wood panelling.  
The fresh kitchen colour is toned down by the central storage rack in a dark-grey version of the same blue. The dimensions of the racks (like old windows) work well with the lamps and the polished floor: there is a feel of an old institutional corridor developing. The unusual ceiling shape on top of the storage space is a clever reminder that this is a trendy shop.  
Beautifully finished panelling and floor. I am normally allergic to quarter-rounds which builders plonk anywhere to hide shoddy work. But here it works very well: delicate and elegant, a shade darker than the panelling. It is a statement in itself. 

The photo below is another example of a shiny floor, this time in Brussels. 

And here is the address of the shop in Copenhagen; on a beautifully designed paper bag without handles (handles wouldn't be in keeping with the sixties style of the shop...).

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