21 June 2012

London drawings

I have been working on my my one and two-point perspectives. Useful when drawing an interior, but also fun to apply to London cityscapes, especially if you colour them in with almost sepia-style greys.

Here are five drawings of the past week. First one: the iconic Lloyd's of London building. 
A friend of mine suggested yesterday I should offer a service drawing people's homes and places of interest. So to everybody needing an original gift or wanting to have an original pen drawing of their place: drop me a line!

This is the back of my house, by the way. My house is to the right, leading to a lovely Georgian cul-de-sac.
Without colouring a pen drawing looks like this: Bedford Square.
And this is a quick sketch of the office blocks near Liverpool Street Station area. 
Bloomsbury square in pen. 

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