15 June 2012

More Wimbledon!

In the same area of London as my first client, I have now been asked to do a similar refurbishment: an extension at the back, new kitchen, new ground floor.

The extension will add 12 m2 to the existing 25 m2 of living room and dining room-kitchen.

This time the focus is on cooking with a flexible space around it for eating and entertaining.
Based on discussions with the clients, I propose an eclectic mix of traditional kitchen units with more contemporary items and fittings. The kitchen should look like it grew over time. Between the cupboards I propose a small gas fire place, which will provide a focal point when lit.

Noticed the plate rack in the drawing  above? There is a Nordic influence in this household! In Scandinavia the racks are used like in this picture.

A top down view of the new lay out. The extension is to the right of the ceiling beam.
And this is the blank canvas now. The left wall will be partially opened to make better use of the front room.
Another picture of the kitchen as it is now. The back facade will be extended three metres out.
A plan of of the proposed refurbishment. The works should start this autumn.

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