31 July 2012

France and The City

Here are some of the drawings I did over the last month. The first one is the City of London, the others are of more picturesque French villages and towns.

If you want to have your house or a favourite cityscape drawn, then please send me a mail. You can see more of my drawings here: rutgerhopster.com.

I work mainly in pencil, fineline and watercolour pens, and oil pastels.
Martel, drawing in pen, two of Martel's six towers.
The hamlet of Pomie in the Dordogne. The bushes in front of the house are 'glowing' in the evening sun. The ruin to the right was waiting to be done up. The owner told me it had taken her ten years to redo the main house... Drawing in fineline pens and three shades of watercolour.
Poitiers in oil pastels.
The Palais de Justice in Poitiers with evening sun.

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