22 July 2012

Holiday time - Sarlat in the Dordogne. The church Sainte Marie, in disuse since the French revolution, after which it had been divided up in flats, has been redesigned in 2002 by French architect Jean Nouvel (www.jeannouvel.com) into a market place with great big windows and doors.
Without disturbing the old centre, the huge sheets of glass in the old gothic windows make the building look solid and delicate at the same time. As if it has become a huge aquarium. 
The huge metal doors are opened on market days. See picture below (which I nicked from the internet). Jean Nouvel has recently designed the new Louvre museum building for Abu Dhabi (http://www.louvre.fr) and he has just completed the transformation of an old brewery in Barcelona: the Fabrica Moritz (http://www.designboom.com). 

Enjoy the holidays for those of you away!

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