14 August 2012

Another instalment of Ikea DIY. This time with the Tupplur black out blinds (www.ikea.com). I did this for a friend's place. The early morning sun was taking over his bedroom. The problem was that the two windows next to each other were at different angles: one a Velux, the other a dormer window.
We bought two Tupplurs. One fitted exactly inside the dormer window. For the other one I discarded the rolling mechanism and cut it to size to fit exactly between the window frame (for that you need: surgical knife, tape measure, metal ruler, cutting mat, sanding paper and drawing-pins to do this). You also need a small saw to cut the slat at the bottom, which I left 1mm longer than the blind itself.  
This is what you are meant to do with the Tupplur; inside the dormer window.
The Velux treatment: the top I put in place with drawing pins (remember to iron a nice fold at the top before putting it up); the wooden slat at the bottom can be wedged between the window frame to block out the light... 
...or wedged higher to let in light. The top photo shows another possibility: just let it hang loose... Things to do in the summer! Oh, and if you want to get more ideas on how to personalise your Ikea (or other furniture), go to: www.ikeahackers.net

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