7 August 2012

In 2007 I was at the big Biedermeier exhibition in Vienna at the Albertina. I lugged the catalogue Die Erfindung der Einfachheit back home with me. I still use it as a reference work. It is out of print, but here is the link to the publishing house's page: Hatje Cantz Verlag.

I have now been asked to do up a bedroom - for the same client I did the sitting room last year (click here www.rutgerhopster.com and scroll down to see those blog pages). The bedroom is going to be loosely inspired on the Biedermeier style: stripy wall paper, a frieze, simple blinds and hangings and chairs for bedside tables.
Two of the pages I took as inspiration. Chairs against the wall, light colours, warm honey coloured wood, with darker details.
An impression of the what the room is going to be like. Dado rail is already there and below it will be wallpaper; above it a frieze inspired on Wedgwood blue.

Inside the window, natural sand-coloured linen blinds, outside simple hangings tied back. The other side of the room will be slightly less Biedermeier, I think it would otherwise become too much a pastiche. So no wallpaper on the wall opposite the bed. Next month, when the room should be nearing completion, I'll tell you about the approach to lighting and wardrobes. 
The frieze and the wallpaper. The frieze is from Gammalsvenska of Sweden.
No Biedermeier room is complete without a few small miniature frames in dark wood. I bought these at auction a while ago thinking they were original paintings... In fact, copies from China. The price at the time was too good to be true and it was. But they will now come in on their own. Any picture can go in the frame, really, as long as the colours are not too bright
The starting point for me was the bed with three in-laid mother of pearl drops which had to stay (scroll down). It was the colour of the wood and its shape that set me off on the Biedermeier trail. The chairs that will replace the bedside tables, are dark and in Biedermeier style. The will complement the bed and visually anchor the light coloured room. Flat wooden seats will allow books and lamps to be stacked.
It's all in the detail...: the curtain rail endings in classical arrow style.
The bed around which the room has been designed.
By kind permission of the client, the room as it is now. Note the dado rail.

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