21 August 2012

Preston Manor in Brighton. An Edwardian house owned by the Stanfords until the grandson died from inflictions of World War I. The gambling son had been written out of the will before. The estate was left to Brighton (Brighton-Hove Museums).

Edwardian houses were full of modern day inventions: electricity, central heating, telephones, bathrooms, electric bells for the servants, fridges, etc.

This picture shows a pulley system to take the bedroom door of the latch from your bed. This bedroom also had an extendable fire escape ladder placed under the window inside.  
Intriguing to see where electrical lights were placed. In the photo above, the bedside lamp is almost placed against the ceiling and in this photo the light is on a pulley with weights so it can be pushed up for a door to open.
The pulley from the bed reaches the door...
Old pulley systems for the servant bells. They were in disuse by the time the house was left to Brighton. They had been replaced with electrical wiring.
Light switches: in the bathroom and in the corridor. 

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