20 September 2012

More DIY: an intermezzo blog on a delicate operation: wallpapering a lavatory in a difficult honeycomb paper designed by David Hicks, English interior designer, big in the sixties and seventies (http://en.wikipedia.org). He was known for bold patterns and colours against a backdrop of grand interiors. Think Princess Margaret and her set.

Hicks's collection of wallpapers has been re-edited by www.cole-and-son.com. The one used for the lavatory is Hicks's Hexagon.
The lavatory could do with a bit of Hicks: new white tiles had been put in up to 1.5 meters high. The ceiling spotlights unforgivingly shone on the unfinished walls...
...first up was glass fibre in the corner to smoothen the fibreboard. Then, I had to work out where to start (i.e. where the end-seam would be)...
...working my way around the tiny space, only to struggle majorly in this corner...
...but the end result is pleasing. And the spotlights now highlight the wallpaper. I have suggested to the client to finish the lavatory off with a dark blue (or grey blue) ribbon to hide the top of the tiles and the corner of the wallpaper. Very Hicks.
Here is another beautiful Cole & Son wallpaper. It was part of a project proposal for a reception room area.

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