11 September 2012

The modern Biedermeier bedroom in is ready! It is a far far far cry from the room it was (see bottom photo). For a description of the plan, drawings and Biedermeier research check out my earlier post: www.rutgerhopster.com.

I am happy with the result and so is the client. This was a project where I DIY-ed most things myself, from papering the walls to hanging the curtain rods and lamps.
The concept was a modern take on understated, classical Biedermeier style, around the honey-coloured wooden bed and the dark wooden floor. Everything else went, including an old television set and an oversized wardrobe that was completely out of keeping with the bed. In fact, we simply swopped it with an antique cupboard that was in the guest room.

Colours: blue, mustard and a little bit of black and shiny metal. The classical Wedgwood band is from www.durosweden.se.

The drapes are very Biedermeier: simple and tied back during the day. The fabric is from www.capsicum.nl: they specialise in linen and handwoven cottons. It was lined with dark blue cotton with dark brown piping (visible in the photo below). Behind the drapes, blinds made to measure in non-bleached linen from www.hema.nl. The single drape behind the bed is just for visual purposes. The black rods, with stylised spears were found at www.kwantum.nl after a long search for something not expensive. The  black rods range is being discontinued- we were just in time! I wanted rods that were as thin as possible. Nothing clunky - we went for 16mm diameter.
The bedside tables were replaced with black Biedermeier-style chairs, with flat wooden seats. They are just as easy for stacking books as anything else.
Biedermeier means small dark (or golden) frames with painted vistas, landscapes and miniatures with your distant family members. As this is a modern take on Biedermeier, I only added a few. This one donated by a friend.

I wrecked my brains over suitable lighting, in keeping with Biedermeier. That meant no lampshades. I went for a bedside oil lamp and ceiling lantern (both electrified!) in clear glass and shiny metal, both with a traditional looking halogen lightbulb that give off clear light, which I think is needed in a room with soft tones. The bonus of clear light is dramatic shadows: very early 19th century! The oil lamp I found at: www.olielampen.nl.
Nighttime: drapes are down, central lantern switched on. Note that the wall opposite the bed was kept off-white: the whole room in stripy wallpaper would have been too much. The wall is waiting for an old chest of drawers. We are now checking auction houses to find a suitable one.
An this is as was. Too the right a huge wardrobe in pine and plywood. 

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