11 October 2012

Here are some of the drawings I have been commissioned to do over the past few months. On my website I enforce I a strict rule (with myself...) that all photos have to have the same dimension. No exception. Except this one... The drawing measures 41 cm by 22 cm. I was asked to draw a non-existing cityscape. The other instruction was that there shouldn't be any trees in it.
These are some of the test runs on composition, shading, perspective, and eye height. The end-result looks like a quick sketch, but it certainly took some time to prepare!
This building is in Amsterdam School architecture. The request was get the whole building in the drawing, including the spectacular entrance, but to not include the neighbour's door. The tree trunk provided the solution. It also adds perspective.
This is another perspective I proposed to the client, focusing on the entrance only.
This is Barnes. A large end-of-terrace house. The drawing is framed, and taking a picture without a glare proved a bit difficult. The yellow 'stain' is my shadow. Not very professional...

All drawings in pencil, black pen and water colour pen. One or two have charcoal pencil as well. 

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