29 October 2012

Last year I helped design a kitchen in Brussels and I went back last week to meet up with the clients and to see how the kitchen was keeping. For a family of five it is doing very well!

This was a project to transform a small fifties kitchen into an open plan space with lots of storage and without breaking the bank.

Clients wanted to brick up the door opening to the hallway to create additional space and they wanted to keep the original tile floor. A kitchen shop had suggested a standard lay-out with a full height fridge on the side of the dining room and a full height cupboard next to the window on the other side. I proposed something else: a long stretch of workspace on one side with a full fridge and storage wall on two other sides. I also suggested a combination of wood and pale yellow doors to match the floor.  
The worktop is in a light speckled stone (it never looks dirty!). It doesn't compete with the floor. An open feel, with no fridge blocking the view. Note that the splash back runs along the worktop and continues up the wall next to the ovens.  It ties the two parts of the kitchen together.
The opening to the hallway.
And the view from the hallway into the kitchen. The cupboards opposite the opening are of reduced depth: things are easily accessible inside and it doesn't block the passage
Plenty of storage. Handles in keeping with the fifties feel of the house. Note that where the wall was knocked down, assorted floor tiles were added, without trying to be similar. It works very well.

And this is what the separate kitchen was like.
During the works last year.

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