25 October 2012

This is not the best photo I have ever produced on my site, but I want to share the atmosphere and mood of these evocative miniatures with you. Architecture in miniature is taking doll's houses and their simple perspectives and clumsy mixture of items to a whole new level. These miniatures sweep me off my feet. They draw me into another world, where not everything fits but where you somehow think you want to be (well, at least me...).

The first one is by Pieter Gabrielse (www.petergabrielse.com). His works were on show at the London Autumn Fair and they will be again in Namur, Belgium from 10-18 November. The other two are from Charles Matton's website (www.charlesmatton.com), he had an exhibition in London last year.    
Gabrielse's sets his miniatures in life-size settings: the lock on the old doors in the first picture seem to open, revealing a bookcase and desk; the second one is a table with books against a backdrop of distressed planks and an ornament. You're invited to look, but you can't step in.

Matton's miniatures are stilted interiors, where you could wander around, waiting for somebody to appear. All very intriguing...

These miniatures are a bit like Calke Abbey (www.nationaltrust.org.uk), the only National Trust property kept in a state of 'managed decay'. See also an earlier blog on an old house in Brussels (www.rutgerhopster.com) showing a world that is disappearing. 

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