20 January 2013

Snowed in in Brussels, well, almost. No trains between Brussels and Rotterdam. The Dutch got their nickers royally twisted with the new trains they introduced. They decommissioned the old trusted service, but the new trains are faulty, on a bad timetable and expensive. So, I am staying here. Enjoying the beautiful view from my friends' windows.
I am working on a new project. A bright, airy flat with a worn-out interior. My mood-colour board was put together to help us select fabrics, curtains, flooring and lighting. Over four days we looked, sampled, gave up and started again. The end-result is great (see below), and the journey was interesting.

This was the starting point: subdued colours, no geometrical patterns. The mood-colour board to the right.

The idea is to keep the room light and bright, with the view from the windows the main focus (to the left in these sketches). I want to ground the place with a bit more colour and proposed to have warmer and darker wallpapers (different ones, next to each other) in the righthand corner of the room where the sofa and mantelpiece are. From there, the colours are meant to radiate out to the rest of the room.
This is the second attempt at finding samples. The first was too subdued. The wallpaper is contemporary elegant, combining beautifully with the rug and the sisal. A purple wallpaper and a splash of rusty orange velours.

Third attempt. (All attempts involve going from one shop to the other with bags of samples and trying them together...).

We liked the purple wallpaper. Now a red version of the flower. The rug has been changed for a more structured lilac one (with a piece of the marble of the fireplace). With these samples also the actual white-washed oak for the bookcases. But what about the bright pink wallpaper? It was too bright.  
And this is where we said 'yes!' The pink has been replaced with a dusted version. Also in this final sample  a small piece of the light blue linen for the curtains.

I now want to do a better drawing to work out the effect of the vertical bands of wallpaper and the horizontal effect of low slung bookcase under the windows. The sisal remained the same as in the first photo.

Interesting to see how we moved away from the original colour scheme, but stuck with the subdued feel.

And meanwhile it is still snowing in Brussels...

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