1 January 2013

The first day of the year, and I work on drawings for a new-built flat! We are at the design stage. By the end of this year this should be a stunning space. But now it is an empty shell - to play with.

On the list of requirements: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate space for washing machine and a workstation area. Oh, and also: sleeping and living at the back, where it should be quiet and sunny-south facing (to the left of each drawing). Space to play with: roughly 95m2. Constraints: two structural pillars in the middle of the space and drains and supply connections on either side of the walls
In both models master bedroom and living at the back, kitchen and guest/office room at the front.

Model I: uses the depth (12m) of the flat: a sweeping view from back to front. The entrance gets daylight from double glass doors to the guest room. The space can even be made a bit bigger by shifting the wall, making it a really grand entrance. The master bedroom continues the elongated feel of the flat with a mini corridor with dressing area leading towards the en-suite. Storage divided over two places.
Model II: a more flowy s-shaped approach, with an additional third pillar to define the space and give it a dramatic loft feel. The space next to the third pillar allows a view from the sitting area towards the window and light at the front. Dining table is half placed between the pillars. Spacious kitchen, smaller guest room and entrance. Double glass doors towards the master bedroom continue the external floor to ceiling frames. Storage space concentrated in the bedroom.

Preference? Let's hear what the clients have to say...



  1. It's looking really great. Everything's perfectly placed and the space is just adequate too. This will be amazing.

    1. Thanks Piper! I'll keep you posted on the direction of the design the coming weeks!


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