5 February 2013

I wrote about a new project in Brussels a few weeks ago. We had been struggling to find the right combination of colours and fabrics. The end result of a few days of looking around and sampling is displayed below, a beautiful combination of a flowery wallpaper, with a purple and a soft pink. But maybe it was a bit too girly and traditional? Then I showed this photo wallpaper of an abstract painting to the client (www.mrperswall.com) and he was sold. It measures 2.25x2.65 metres, so not for the faint-hearted.
I propose to not put the full two metre-wide paper up in the living room. It would be too invasive. Instead, half of it and the other half in a corner in the bedroom. The other wallpapers will be put up as shown here. The rest of the walls will be an off-white.
Bird's eye view of the room. Entrance to the bottom right, windows to the left. The painting between the windows is an actual art work owned by the client. This drawing shows how the wallpaper literally will provide a vertical backdrop, and the wood-topped shelves under the window and the table will provide a lower, horizontal part the other part of the design. Note that the wood is repeated vertically next to the fireplace. Two pendant shades will provide intimate lighting. The rug will be made of the wool shown in the sample picture below.
This will be the view when entering the room. Light blue linen blinds will hang in front of the windows. The comfy chair I drew in is slightly too big for the room. We need to find something elegant and small-ish.
These were the samples we had gathered after a few days of looking around. We will keep everything except the wallpaper. Working in stages has its advantages!
And this is the chimney breast at the moment.

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