1 February 2013

Interesting architecture in Brussels. I like contemporary design next to traditional maisons Bruxelloises: townhouses built around the turn of the previous century and all following the the same structure and lay-out. Narrow fronts (taxation was originally based on the width of your house...), with elevated ground floors and elaborate stone carved ornaments.

There is a lot of mediocre architecture on offer in Brussels. But every now and then designs seem to jump out. Here are two: in Rue de la Cle and Rue Le Lorrain.
Both designs work with blocks that seem to have been randomly stacked. This one wraps around a corner and makes a nice transition from the higher buildings on the right to the lower building on the left (which is incorporated in the design). The front is flat to the right and indented to the left. The windows seem to start more regularly  at the bottom, ending in a floating feel towards the top righthand corner. The front is constructed out of coloured concrete.  
This is the other design (with photos taken in the summer...). Again the blocks follow the spacing of the old houses next door. A concrete structure has been retained from the previous building that stood here.

Behind the concrete structure is a timbered, flowing courtyard. Social housing at its best.

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