18 February 2013

This lovely garden is now a building site. Works have started on building an extension to a Victorian terraced house in Wimbledon. See my earlier blogs www.rutgerhopster.com on how we got here: the neighbours have agreed to the extension, the Council has been notified, Building Control has seen the plans, Thames Water have consented to the extension, the kitchen has been ordered, the designs have been agreed, the builder selected, the structural engineer plans approved. So here we are. The works should be completed by June.
The ground floor will be extended with three meters. Most of the kitchen has already gone (see the photo below) and excavation works for the foundations are underway.

Discussions last week with the builder focussed on the height and width of the boxframe to be put in. It will carry the weight of the first floor back wall and will ensure a complete opening-up of the back.
The fake fireplace has been knocked out and the first floor chimney breast is now supported by props (see photo below).

Once the builders are gone, this is what the kitchen will look like. With two changes: the client will choose a different fridge (SMEG doors look great but you do need 20cm next to your fridge for the door to open.... a wall next to it simply won't do...) and in order to support the first floor chimney breast a beam will have to be put in.
The new opening from the hallway to the kitchen. It is already there so the steel beams for the foundations can get through the house to the back.

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