20 March 2013

The Wimbledon project is progressing nicely, despite the adverse weather. The structural support work is now almost completed. The back wall is out and a steel boxframe is carrying the weight of the upper floor. See www.rutgerhopster.com, and scroll down for earlier posts.
The side walls are up as well, and today a start has been made with the roof of the extension. The ceiling will have exposed joists with a tongue and groove cladding between them.

In the old kitchen, structural work has been going on as well: the chimney breast is out and an opening to the front room  has been made (see photo below)
To support the weight of the upstairs chimney breast, a steel beam has been put in here as well. It links up to the back wall boxframe.
And this is now the open view, back to front. It will make for a great living space!

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