2 April 2013

What do you do to a small flat with an amazing view onto one of the canals in Amsterdam (scroll down...)? The ceiling is low. It feels even lower because the original two rooms have been knocked through into one. The kitchen is visible from everywhere and feels a bit too big for the space. And the floor is a dark shiny laminate. Tricky.

Back to the view then: the interior has to be something Dutch, Hanseatic, small rooms, light scrubbed wooden floors and doors hiding (and revealing) things, an 18th century Kunstkammer, with small paintings and dark waxed benches...

So, out with the floor and in with high back chairs, with thick fabric, like the table clothes in Vermeer paintings. But not too dark. This sort of chair, with a modern take on patterned fabric.
And more kelim-style fabric for the cushions on the window seat. You can either look out or look into the apartment which will reveal reclaimed doors, a new front room, with built-in cupboards and bookcases, and in the kitchen ample storage space.

The canal view is revealed through thin linen cloth, tied up, and a curtain tied away, for dramatic effect. And the floor is light, scrubbed, it will go well with the dark furniture we are going to buy at an auction house in Amsterdam...

...like this bench, to go with the dining table.

Back to the front room, oversized herbarium drawings (wallpaper), should get the owner in the right mood, to contemplate and think and write.
And this is the view!

Project to start in a few months time... 

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