6 May 2013

An update on the Wimbledon project. The extension has been built, the window frames are in (see below), and the walls have been plastered and skimmed. And are now in the process of drying.
The extension will have the ceiling joists exposed. The window frames were made to measure and were designed by me. We are in Victorian house and the kitchen will be partly traditional (see my earlier blogs: www.rutgerhopster.com). So I designed frames with traditional spacing: divided in three parts with the windows following the same division. At the same time I kept them clutter free with the cross bars as thin as possible.

To the right you can see the wooden floor that will be fitted next week.
Close up of the window frames outside. The pillar in the middle has a steel column inside to support the weight of the roof.
A look through from the kitchen to the lounge. All walls, ceilings (including the wooden one) and wood work will be painted white.
A shot of the kitchen wall with the plaster taken off. The beam supports the weight of the first floor chimney breast.

This is what the building works looked like a month ago. We are making progress! The kitchen will be delivered in two weeks time.

We are now entering the time of thinking of light fittings, cupboards, door handles and Victorian tiles to repair the mantelpiece in the front room. All very exciting! The project should be completed by end June. 

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