1 June 2013

Apologies to my followers. I have been absent for almost a month. I moved from south London to a flat back at Regent's Canal in north London. The same canal I was at three years ago. It is a temporary solution. I am in the process of buying a flat in Brussels, so most furniture was packed up and put in storage. A laborious task to decide what to bring and what not (especially for me...).

I left Camberwell and my flat (see www.apartmenttherapy.com) with a heavy heart, but somehow it was time to go.
Moving flat has reminded me of the emotional distress of packing and moving, whatever the reasons and whatever one's views on the importance of earthly 'stuff'. I moved a lot since I left my parents' home, I think this is close to my twentieth time, so an average of almost once every two years. But it's never stress free.

The new flat is furnished. But I know myself - I need some of my useless things around me to feel at home. So I brought a bit of everything. They mix well with what was already in the flat: in this photo the bench and candle sticks are mine.

General view of the living area.

In a furnished flat you have to be creative, bending things to fit in with you: behind the sofa a bookcase on its side and with the shelves facing the wall - now doing a good job as a side table for a few more non-essential knick-nacks.

More blogs to follow! Two design projects are steaming ahead. In Brussels the revamp of a large 1960s flat is on its way and the Wimbledon terraced house extension is nearing completion.

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