4 July 2013

Brussels multi-coloured and textured flat

Gently coloured and textured apartment in Brussels is coming on very, very nicely! The kitchen is in rough wood finish and high gloss doors against a backdrop of 1960s tiles. It all starts to look the part. Floor in grey concrete-look and the worktop (not yet delivered) in white composite.
Kitchen in three colour blocks: grey, cream and green. This top cupboard hides the recessed extractor fan.
And here the view from the living room. The tall cupboards were built-in to give them an elegant look and to not make this wall too massive. We added a similar wooden-finish panel behind the fridge. All door panels have a rim of 5 cm around them to make them seem floating.

The construction of the oven tower had had to be interrupted: the microwave ended up too high.... Everything has now been lowered, starting with a built-in plate warmer.
More colour block. The back splash will be grey and the worktop white composite.
So far, most rave reviews have come in on the grey-blue wall. Everybody seems to like it. The detail I like most, is the asymmetrical placing of the tiles around the fireplace.
And more colours in corridor. Thee out of the six doors are lime green. The shelving unit replaces the old door to the kitchen.
Swirly texture in the bedroom, gold and light-reflecting wallpaper.

I will do a separate entry on the summery bathroom.

Click on the 'Peeking inside' link to see pictures of the before.  

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